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CHF 2023 Sensitive Information & Information Security Training

About This Course

CHF Sensitive Information & Information Security Training

This course is meant to help CHF staff members and our partners understand the concept of Sensitive Information, how Sensitive Information is used at CHF, and how it should be managed. In addition, this course tackles some key issues and best practices for protecting CHF from malware, hackers, and other technology-mediated risks.

Sensitive Information pervades everything CHF does. From patient care to policy development and operations, understanding the different ways we work with and think about this important CHF asset is key to successfully serving our mission.

This course will guide you through key ideas, as well as other important topics including security, malware, and regulations. Please keep in mind that the regulatory environment is constantly changing, as are the program and operational activities that CHF undertakes. For this reason, you will be asked to review this course each year to reinforce best practices and to learn about changes and updates to the topics it covers. As always, we welcome suggestions and ideas and thank you for your time. You can reach us at or in person.